Escort Service is a risky job. Many people consider it as a dangerous career for the work itself includes putting oneself out there with so limited company or supervision. The work requires one to be alert whether before, throughout, and including after the service. Knowing what to do to be safe is a great necessity for a job. Safety measures may or may not save a barcelona escort life, but they make a huge difference to keep escorts safe. Here are some of essential safety tips:

Being Safe around New Customers

The first thing to consider when faced with a new client is to inform him/her about the terms and conditions. Tell him exactly what your service involves. This includes the duration of the service, the time of the service, and the kind of payment you will receive. A customer should always know that sex should never be discussed on the phone, thus, never speak about it. Never accept a booking especially in-call bookings from a landline phone for these are the riskier kind. Learn more about your client and find out about special suggestions. For instance, some clients may want you to wear a certain type of clothing, others will want you to accompany them to a party or a date, while others will speak about a desired style in bed whether fetishes or kinks.

Being Safe during a service

The next thing to do for preparation is to let someone know whenever you go on an outcall. Outcall is done when you personally go to a client’s place instead of having clients go to yours. Inform a friend, close acquaintance, or a family member by sending them a text message when you arrive at an appointment place. Ask them to expect another text message from you after the appointment to confirm your safety. Let the client know if you have a driver or someone to pick you up. Avoid carrying too much cash. Client or not, they are still strangers and it does not hurt to be wary and safe.

Being Safe when things go wrong

Cancelling your booking happens when something wrong happens that may not be part of the job. If you arrive at a client’s place and find out that there are other people with him, it may be best to cancel the booking. This is not part of the agreement thus putting you at risk. If a client invites another or more people in the appointment place, leave or call the authority. Always cancel a booking if a gut feeling makes you feel more than uncomfortable.

Being Safe from invasion of privacy

Escort Business is best done in anonymity. Never let your clients know where your home address is when working as an outcall. It is dangerous and some clients are known to express behaviors of obsession. This is neither healthy to the business nor safe for you. If you are working as an incall escort worker, it is safer to rent an apartment or book a hotel. Never call or receive calls from your personal phone when speaking to your clients. It is preferable to carry a different phone used mainly for business. Lastly, it is better to avoid carrying anything that identifies your personal identity.

When things go out of hand, the best thing one can do is to stay safe and be prepared for the worst. This line of business calls for a better preparation and security especially when escort workers are risking their life. The best-case scenario is to promote a positive business practice and to maintain the safety of both workers and customers.

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