Finding The Hottest Girls in The West End

Finding The Hottest Girls in The West End

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Finding a hot date in the West End doesn’t need to be hard – not when there are so many great escorts in town!

The West End is one of the most famous city destinations in the world. With nightclubs that aren’t just the best in London, but some of the best on the planet, there’s no better place to party. As well as a great nightlife though, there’s an abundance of restaurants, entertainment and some great hotels to stay in. So if you’re going to be enjoying a night out on the town, why not hire a stunning West End escort to keep you company? Choosing from a selection of Elite VIP escorts at a top London agency is a great way to secure yourself a hot date.

It’s all up to you

Hiring an escort is becoming a much more common way of men finding a date for the evening, and it’s not hard to see why. A night with an escort is all about you, and you call the shots on every aspect of the date. Your escort’s outfit? That’s down to you if you like. The time and place? Whatever is most convenient for you. Whether it’s a one off treat or a regular event? Totally in your hands. It takes all of the negotiating and compromise out of the dating process, so you can just enjoy a night where your satisfaction is the number one priority.

The hottest girls in town

Now, when we talk about finding the hottest girls in the West End, we mean it. Escorts are often the most beautiful women in the city. Why, you ask? Well, to get to the top of the escorting industry in a huge city like London, you need to stand out. When you’re an escort, that comes from looking great. High class West End escorts take a lot of pride in their appearance, and spend lots of time at the gym, salon and of course, the shops to make sure that they look good. When you do book your escort, you can ask for whatever kind of woman that takes your fancy, whether that’s a curvy blonde or a petite brunette.

A night of fun

There’s plenty to do in the West End, and an escort is the perfect woman to experience it with. You can enjoy dinner together at a Michelin starred restaurant before heading to one of the city’s bars or clubs. A West End escort is as at home dancing and drinking as she is enjoying a meal at one of the hottest restaurants in town. Of course, you could skip straight to inviting her back to your hotel too. As a highly skilled seductress, she’ll do all that she can to leave you feeling completely satisfied.

Your dream date is just a phone call away

As you can see, when it comes to finding a date, it pays to get in touch with an escort agency. When you hire an escort, not only can you look forward to an evening of sensuality and passion, but you can count on her complete discretion too. For a man who values his privacy and reputation, that’s invaluable. So what are you waiting for? If you’re planning a night out in the West End, you know what to do next!

Escort service profession, is it safe?

Escort service profession, is it safe?

The following information has been supplied by an independent Cardiff directory for escorts.


Instinct would always kick in every time we went out in the world either to earn a living, get some errands or have a good time to ensure that we should be safe. In everything we do safety is a primary concern in our lives.  We want to make sure that we are safe all the time. In the escort services profession, it is apparent that safety should be part of the daily activity of the business. Safety aspects include physical, environment, and health. Security is synonymous with safety. You are not safe if you are not secured.

One safety issue is the involvement of drugs. A lot of the customers of the lucrative escort service in London are well off obviously because not everyone can afford this services. Some of this crowd are popular and a few are party people. When we hear the word “party” one has in mind that a few of these caters to drugs. Thus customers offer drugs, some of the girls says yes and their reasons range from boredom to a need for distraction (so he was that awful), to a means of transcending the experience (some people are better partners when inhibited). For others it is a no, no, they need a clear head to do the act. The real risk in here is the prolonged use and dependence on the drug to the point of overdoing some sexual acts that might go out of hand and may cause the life of the escort or the customer.

Another concern is the use of the condom during the intercourse. If a client asks to forgo the condom, the escort’s health is being put at risk. The escort must know how to deal with this depending on how well she knew the client. The escort service agency through their manager should always remind the girls of the importance of using protection. Being a professional escort service it is part of their responsibility is to ensure the health of her customer and herself. Safe sex should be a concern of everyone involved. Regular medical check-ups are also important.

Drinking the small amount of alcohol is acceptable ––no one I’m sure is going to opt for the three-hundred-dollar scotch, a definite perk of the job. A glass or two will never hurt but instead, might help in loosening some stiff muscles and remove some inhibitions on the part of the customer. Having it during a dinner in a fancy London restaurant lets you relax and more receptive to have fun. On the other hand, be reminded to take any alcohol in moderation as too much of it can make the bedroom magic suffer leaving the partner in the winter wonderland.

Customers composed of all sorts of men from a variety of different backgrounds. Some men often fall into a client stereotype. Of course, there are always exceptions. There are men who would want to do certain acts that are risky like burning, whip-lash, strangling among others. The main precaution to take is always staying relatively sober and have zero toleration for things you do not want to be done. To be handily within reach of a naked pair of testicles takes care of the safety aspect for the most part. But as mentioned awhile ago this are exceptions and most of the customers are decent, respectful. Another thing is prices of the security services agency in London rule out sketchy characters. They also employ driver doubling as bodyguards to their escorts. They are readily available by just a phone call away.

Overall, safety in the escort service is generally safe and secured. Forethought is a basic skill one needs to have to enjoy and make the most out of this fascinating profession.

How to be safe as an Escort

How to be safe as an Escort

Escort Service is a risky job. Many people consider it as a dangerous career for the work itself includes putting oneself out there with so limited company or supervision. The work requires one to be alert whether before, throughout, and including after the service. Knowing what to do to be safe is a great necessity for a job. Safety measures may or may not save a barcelona escort life, but they make a huge difference to keep escorts safe. Here are some of essential safety tips:

Being Safe around New Customers

The first thing to consider when faced with a new client is to inform him/her about the terms and conditions. Tell him exactly what your service involves. This includes the duration of the service, the time of the service, and the kind of payment you will receive. A customer should always know that sex should never be discussed on the phone, thus, never speak about it. Never accept a booking especially in-call bookings from a landline phone for these are the riskier kind. Learn more about your client and find out about special suggestions. For instance, some clients may want you to wear a certain type of clothing, others will want you to accompany them to a party or a date, while others will speak about a desired style in bed whether fetishes or kinks.

Being Safe during a service

The next thing to do for preparation is to let someone know whenever you go on an outcall. Outcall is done when you personally go to a client’s place instead of having clients go to yours. Inform a friend, close acquaintance, or a family member by sending them a text message when you arrive at an appointment place. Ask them to expect another text message from you after the appointment to confirm your safety. Let the client know if you have a driver or someone to pick you up. Avoid carrying too much cash. Client or not, they are still strangers and it does not hurt to be wary and safe.

Being Safe when things go wrong

Cancelling your booking happens when something wrong happens that may not be part of the job. If you arrive at a client’s place and find out that there are other people with him, it may be best to cancel the booking. This is not part of the agreement thus putting you at risk. If a client invites another or more people in the appointment place, leave or call the authority. Always cancel a booking if a gut feeling makes you feel more than uncomfortable.

Being Safe from invasion of privacy

Escort Business is best done in anonymity. Never let your clients know where your home address is when working as an outcall. It is dangerous and some clients are known to express behaviors of obsession. This is neither healthy to the business nor safe for you. If you are working as an incall escort worker, it is safer to rent an apartment or book a hotel. Never call or receive calls from your personal phone when speaking to your clients. It is preferable to carry a different phone used mainly for business. Lastly, it is better to avoid carrying anything that identifies your personal identity.

When things go out of hand, the best thing one can do is to stay safe and be prepared for the worst. This line of business calls for a better preparation and security especially when escort workers are risking their life. The best-case scenario is to promote a positive business practice and to maintain the safety of both workers and customers.

Different types of client of escort service

Different types of client of escort service

This friend of mine has been an escort service for almost 5 years and I can say that she has seen it all. She enjoys her trade doing it mostly within London. Over the years, she had summarized few commonalities she had observed of clients that she typically encountered in the “elite” world of Escorting. She had discussed these types of clients with other working girls too, and they have all agreed on many of them. All in all we should take this with a grain of salt, as there is such a richness of diversity among clients that cannot be simplified, categorized and classified.

Newbie Liker, undesirable clients like this are easily weeded out through screening. “Newbie” refers to girls who are new to the escort service industry, establishment, or new to an area (city). There are always a handful of these ‘soul-less’ clients who are waiting for the “new” girls, and they often have a disgusting agenda. The reason for seeking fresh-meat is simple: they are hoping they can exploit her, for the new girls are presumed to have no sense of control over what is allowed, and what is NOT allowed in terms of doing the act. It’s common that these men lure naïve ‘new’ girls to perform acts that she is not comfortable doing. These men are hoping to score big with sexual ‘extras’ that are typically not available (or cost more) from experienced ones. These men are ‘soul-less’ because the act  that is essentially meaningless, with no true intimacy

Tragically, many newcomers to the industry do not have the assertiveness to set their boundaries. Some of these clients are predators looking to take advantage of them. These type of clients never see a girl more than once, unless they can continue to exploit her. They may appear charming, and even have wealth, they are manipulative and is prejudiced against women.

Mr. Nice Guy, usually they are either single, divorced or newly broken-up with girlfriend The name speaks for itself. Typically, these guys range from early 20’s to early 40’s. They are often the sweetest, most considerate men. They don’t usually see others, but rather often stay loyal to one or two escorts once they find a connection. These guys are not the type to go to night-clubs, pubs, etc.  This does not imply that they are undesirable by any means. In fact, they are often very desirable men — handsome, financially stable, etc — but they do not conform to social norms of interacting with women at conventional places. They tend to choose escorts that are intellectual and seemingly normal. As a client, they are totally self-less, and enjoying giving pleasure to a woman, whether it be through physical interaction or through sex text. It is very important for them to make sure the women is satisfied first.

The problem is, these sweet “Nice Guy” clients fall in love too easily. But these men are looking for love ….in the wrong place.

“Nice Guy” who’s MARRIED, Some of the best clients are married. While they are extremely lovely as clients, the idea that they are cheating on their wives leaves a bad taste to the mouth. The worst part is that married men are usually so loving, affectionate and respectful, which seems perfect ….BUT! Just knowing that sweet men are cheating translates back to the brain that seemingly pious, good men cheat on their wives! It is a very sad reality that fidelity between couples is diminishing due to living in an age that normalizes deviant and radical ideals.

The Fetish CLIENT, Fetishes vary from the individual. For instance, clients who love feet have their own methods for enjoying the experience. The same can be said for men who like women to dominate them. Fresh to the industry, this friend of mine had no idea that men were so STRANGE!  Why would a man want to be hurt? Why would a man want to suck her toes? However, now…. Fetishes are not ‘strange’ to us anymore, because of the exposure to movies having such kind of theme. They are always respectful and very considerate. It’s often a very fun, or even humorous experience.